Take those bacteria if you want to be healthy

Probiotics help you to keep a balance in your body

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Did you know that we need good bacterias in order to fight out bad bacterias in our body? 70 % of immune cells live in our large intestine and if we take healthy bacteria-probiotics- regulary, our body builds a strong immun system.

Where can we find healthy bacteria?

As Korean, kimchi has been the most important food in every meal in my life. I did not know the benefit of it as a child, but just had to eat it because it is a vegetable dish and good for my body. Kimchi is one of the popular fermented food in the world now as much as BTS, so what makes kimchi so special?

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It is because fermented food such as kimchi contains live bacteria and yeast (known as probiotics) that helps our body balance with good bacteria against bad bacteria in the large intestine.

If kimchi can represent as an oriental probiotic food, yogurt can be the representative for western probiotic food. Yogurt is considered dairy probiotic food while kimchi is vegetable probiotic food. All yogurt contains active cultures, but they are not necessarily packed with the most beneficial bacteria. Probiotic yogurt, like traditional yogurt, is made by adding bacterial cultures to fresh milk, which will cause the lactose to convert to lactic acid, providing the recognizable tang and thickness of yogurt.

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If you are not a big fan of yogurt or kimchi or any other fermented foods, you can take dietry supplement pill that you can find easily in pharmacy. But be aware that you should look for products labeled with the number of CFU (colony forming units; measurement for probiotics) at the end of the product’s shelf life, not at the time of manufacture.at the end of the product’s shelf life, not at the time of manufacture. It is because probiotics must be consumed alive to have health benefits and they can die during their shelf life.

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Unfortunately, probiotics are very sensitive to environmental conditions, and this means that if the product has been handled improperly during transportation, or if you stored it incorrectly, the probiotics may no longer be living. This does not mean you will get harmed by expired probiotics, but there will no benefit of it. The best way to get probiotic for your health benefit is from fermented foods.

So, what are the benefit of probiotics?

  1. Healthy digestive system- good bacteria from probiotic will balace out with bad bacteria in the intestine. This will help to relieve constipation, diarrhea, and inflammatory bowel syndrom.
  2. Boost immune system- There has been increasing evidence showing that the presence of good bacteria in your stomach can help with developing certain parts of the immune system. If your immune system isn’t functioning properly, that means it isn’t protecting your body from germs. It can lead to a host of serious health conditions, including allergies, infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune disorders. That’s what makes probiotics such a significant benefit.
  3. Lower cholesterol- Participants who were supplied with probiotics had their cholesterol levels reduced by 11.6% in 9 weeks trial by the American Heart Association in 2012.
  4. Promote mental capacity- Probiotics helped to reduce inflammatory markers, increase cognitive functions and improve anxiety symptoms in a research by the Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

Many of us focus on our health and nutrition daily basis and probably most of us will have yogurt in the fridge right now. The important thing is to be aware of what we consume and its benefit. We may not realize right away when we eat, but we may know in 10 years that we still live healthy- disease free life.

I hope you enjoyed the information!





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